Student Organizations

Falcons Flight Team


The Falcons Flight Team is a student organization that competes under and is sanctioned by The
National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA). Members compete for positions on the team for
both ground and flight events. Qualifying members represent Florida Tech at regional and national

For more information please contact President Branon Fontaine.

CABE  (Collegiate Aviation Business Executives)

The Collegiate Aviation Business Executives facilitates a networking relationship with students and the aviation business world by educating, inspiring, and providing experiences and opportunities for personal growth. CABE is a student chapter of the Florida Airports Council and the American Association of Airport Executives. Members of CABE have the opportunity to travel to professional conferences, seminars, airport tours, networking events, and airshows. CABE has been continually recognized as one of the strongest student chapters in the USA.

 For more information, contact Club President Sierra Gaenicke. Check us out on Facebook.

International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI)      

The Florida Tech International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI) Student Chapter is devoted to the education of safety for the biggest, most reliable mode of transportation in our world today. ISASI's mission is to promote improvement in accident or incident investigation. Currently, they have been more strongly dedicated to the dissemination of information. Each week one member presents a case in aviation that has been examined, resolved, and reported by an aviation entity. The scenario, faults/facts, and lessons learned are discussed in detail. The greatest asset any safety program has is information, and in order for the ISASI Student Chapter to become future leaders of Accident Investigation, and experts of aviation with suggestions for improvements on safety, they are first:

a) arming themselves with the knowledge that current experts provide

b) inquiring and exchanging information with peers and aviation enthusiasts

 Please feel free to join the FIT ISASI for fun learning in Aviation Safety!!  Contact Madison Hart for more information!


Florida Tech Chapter of Women in Aviation   

The Florida Tech Chapter of Women in Aviation have about thirty-five women and a few guys, [Yes, guys] who meet twice a month to plan activities. The chapter has spoken aviation to about 900 local students and another 800 potential college students. They are friends with astronauts, including Sally Ride and Ellen Ochoa, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), and have been represented in four issues of the magazine “Aviation for Women”. Florida Tech's chapter collects scholarships, internships and we help each other find employment.

For more information you may contact President Lotte van Noetsele or Vice President Myrthe van Noetsele.