Aviation Management Jobs

Graduates of aviation management and development programs are prepared to pursue entry-level and advanced positions at airports and with aviation businesses and organizations around the United States and around the world. The field of aviation management is undeniably broad, with a wide variety of job functions from airport operations and security to marketing and finance, airport management jobs abound. In addition to a diverse variety of job functions in the field of aviation management, the locations of those jobs are comparably diverse. Students choosing to pursue the aviation management with flight degree are prepared for a career as a pilot for an airline, corporate flight department, private owner, or a wide variety of other career paths.

Positions in Aviation Management

Graduates of the College of Aeronautics can be found in many different kinds of aviation management jobs in all corners of the aviation industry. Potential employers include aircraft manufacturers, private aircraft charter outfits, airport operations teams, fixed base operators, and airlines just to name a few of the seeming endless list of possibilities.

Jobs graduates might find in airport management include such positions as:

  • Airport Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Airport Operations Manager
  • Freight and Cargo Management
  • Airport Assistant Manager
  • Security Director
  • Director of Infrastructure Management
  • Airfield Operator
  • Aviation Program Manager
  • Airport Building Systems Manager
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Business Development Officer
  • Air Service Research and Development