Aviation Research at the College of Aeronautics

The College of Aeronautics' programs incorporate a multi-disciplinary approach to research that spans across various programs including engineering, human factors, safety, psychology, computer science and biology. Courses are designed to help students become more comfortable and familiar with conducting research, a vital part of any degree program. The College of Aeronautics manages an impressive inventory of aircraft and simulators that are available for research as well as a large pool of qualified instructor and student pilots holding various ratings and certificates. Additionally, students have access to various labs and other facilities such as the Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) Lab, The Center for Aviation Human Factors (CAHF) Lab, and the Airport Management and Development Lab. Our Alumni Association and faculty provide our students with direct connection with organizations such as NASA, FAA, KSC, Harris Corp, Northrop Grumman, Avidyne, and many of the commercial pilot associations.

Current Projects

Here are some of the aviation research topics that College of Aeronautics faculty and students are currently involved in. 

  • Pilot transitions into glass cockpit aircraft
  • Integrated modeling of aircraft systems
  • Cross Cultural Training Knowledge Management Content Development
  • Pilots' job satisfaction in relation to the leadership style of airline executives
  • Runway incursions
  • Airports and the newest generation of general aviation aircraft
  • Improving Air Ambulance Operations at Holmes Regional Medical Center
  • Airport noise and aviation emissions at airports
  • Rotorcraft ASIAS Helicopter Flight Data Management (FDM)
  • Airport noise modeling
  • Transfer of training for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) operations

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