Flight Training

"The Best in Aviation Education"

F.I.T. Aviation, LLC

Established in 1968, F.I.T. Aviation LLC are a wholly owned subsidiary of Florida Institute of Technology and as an integral part of the College of Aeronautics, F.I.T. Aviation LLC support the aviation program through our flight training activities.

F.I.T. Aviation LLC offers 14 CFR Part 141 and Part 61 flight training through our highly standardized Federal Aviation Administration approved training syllabuses. All of our full time flight instructors possess college degrees along with Flight Instructor and Flight Instructor Instrument certifications. Our fleet consists of 32 active aircraft, which include Piper Warriors/Cadets, Piper Arrows, Piper Seminoles, Cessna 172S’s, a Cirrus SR-20, an American Champion Citabria Aurora, and Elite, and Frasca simulators.

F.I.T. Aviation LLC provide flight and ground instruction in all pilot ratings, from Private Pilot through Airline Transport Pilot, and Flight Instructor Airplane, Instrument, Multi-engine. . In addition F.I.T. Aviation LLC offer unique courses such as Conventional gear, basic Aerobatic, Complex Instrument, Advanced Cockpit, and Air Taxi. All of our flight training is integrated with the ground studies provided by the College of Aeronautics.

FIT Aviation