College of Aeronautics Facilities

The College of Aeronautics manages a handful of locations in the Melbourne area including the Center for Aeronautics and Innovation, Emil Buehler Center for Aviation Training and Research, and of course Skurla Hall. At each location students have access to unique facilities and equipment like classrooms, computer labs, flight simulators, and a flight line with a fleet of over 40 aircraft. 

College of Aeronautics Facilities Skurla Hall

George M. Skurla Hall

George M. Skurla Hall is the primary home of the College of Aeronautics. In addition to a large amount of classrooms and administrative space Skurla Hall houses some specialized labs for use by students and faculty. The Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) Lab allows aspiring pilots to use the training devices to hone their skills while students pursuing an Air Traffic Control specialization provide a realistic ATC environment for the pilots. Skurla Hall also houses the Air Traffic Control lab in which students are exposed to and trained to operate in a lifelike control tower environment.

Air Traffic Control Lab at Florida TechSkurla Hall Classroom

JCain Computer Lab

College of Aeronautics Facilities Center for Aeronautics and Innovation

Center for Aeronautics and Innovation

The mission of the Center for Aeronautics and Innovation (CAI) is to conduct research, studies, consultation, and technology transfer to enhance aviation education and industry progress on all aspects of airport planning, design, development, operations and management. The CAI draws upon faculty, graduate students, research staff, and industry specialists to conduct its activities. Information and technology developed by the Center is transferred to a variety of federal and state agencies, local government, industry, and academia via reports, studies, briefings, workshops, and short courses.

The CAI is also home to various labs and other university assets. Most notably the Center houses FIT Aviation's Simulator Center, the COA's Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Lab, and the Office of External Relations and Economic Development.

RedBird MCX Full Motion SimulatorsUnmanned Aerial Vehicles Lab

Frasca 242 Piper Seminole

College of Aeronautics Facilities FIT Aviation

Emil Buehler Center for Aviation Training and Research

The Emil Buehler Center for Aviation Training and Research is home to FIT Aviation including the aircraft maintenance team and hangar, pilot briefing rooms, lounge and planning areas, as well as a fleet of over 40 aircraft. Established in 1968, F.I.T. Aviation LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Florida Institute of Technology and an integral part of the College of Aeronautics. FIT Aviation supports aviation programs at Florida Tech by providing for all university related flight training activities. FIT Aviation also operates a for-profit FBO at the Melbourne International Airport and provides training for a variety of customers including airlines, individuals, and more.

Part of the fleet of 40+ aircraft

Weather and Briefing Room at FIT Aviation

A pair of Florida Tech's Piper Seminoles in flight